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    Sandy Medina

    I have a Mollenhauer 5926.
    It’s a Pearwood alto but has two keys, one for the low F and another to reach down to E.

    I want to remove corrosion on the keys, see pic.
    Does anyone know what’s safe to use?
    Is it gold plating with some kind of varnish or finish on top?

    Won’t removing the tarnish also remove the finish and the plating?

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    I would suggest Applying Brasso with a cloth. Perhaps try a tiny amount on one of the small tarnish spots to see if it works before applying it to the entire key.

    Mostly alto, plays with Balmain Baroque

    Tony Newnham


    Brasso is a mild abrasive (as are many metal cleaning products), so if you use it, be very sparing with it – too much/too energetic will remove the plating. I’d perhaps be inclined to ask the maker or a repairer for recomendations.

    Every Blessing


    Sandy Medina

    Thanks to both of you.
    Yes I’m trying to email Mollenhauser and attach pics but their website will not accept my email attempt.
    Maybe I have to register or join to be able to email them.

    I have 3 products I’m considering using.
    Eagle One Never-Dull

    I think the Never-Dull is the least abrasive.

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