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    The German Fingering Recorders produced, even today, are tuned to A = 415 Hz – approximately a semitone below the A = 440 Hz.
    At least the 3 such recorders I possess ( 2 wooden Hohner + 1 plastic Suzuki 62-25 – 4 euros respectively) that is their tuning .
    I realized that , when I tried – after I had uploaded to Youtube some videos for such recorders – to accompany these melodies with my guitar .Then I found out that I was off by 1 semitone tuning . Listen to such a C major recorder with guitar chords B major

    Of course, if you play the recorder alone then tuning no matter.
    But if you decide to learn playing in a band then you should choose baroque fingering (A=440 ) .
    Baroque fingering recorders are tuned both in 415 and mainly 440 Hz.

    Tony Newnham


    I’m surprised to hear of plastic recorders tuned to A=415. I admit I’ve never really got into German fingering – but the only A=415 recorders I’ve seen have been wooden, abd often more upmarket models in the Early Music Shop.

    A couple of my early plastic recorders were slightly out to A=440 – possibly C=256Hz? which was still around in the early ’60’s. This was just far enough off to make playing with other instruments difficult – and is presumably why my Dolmesch Treble has gone missing over the years.

    Good to know about such issues.

    Every Blessing



    Suzuki plastic recorder (4 euros) is very accurate in 415 Hz tuning..
    In baroque fingering for producing F note holes 0 1 2 3 4-6 7 are covered
    In German fingering for producing F note holes 0 1 2 3 4 – – – 7 are covered thus having easier fingering (as happens on flutes..). For this reason German fingering was and still is, in many European countries (mainly in: Greece , Germany , Austria , Switzerland) popular though German fingering has been criticized that is not accurate tuning on some sharps / flats . (The only not accurate note, for me, is flat E (Eb).

    Comparison of 3 different models of German Fingering Recorders:


    I’m not aware of any plastic 415 recorders. They would be nice to have. I have an excellent Rosewood 415 alto from David Coomber, but it is due for a service. It would be nice to have a decent plastic one to tide me over until it comes back.

    Mostly alto, plays with Balmain Baroque

    Chris Baron

    Vincent Bernolin make excellent resin (plastic) 415 alto recorders. i bought one a number of yrs ago and i like it very much.


    here is one in action.

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