Yamaha Recorders Sound Weak?


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    Kaiden J. Bos

    Ive played yamaha recorders for a few years. Im starting to notice when I listen to other recorder players that their sound down low, like on the bottom two notes on tenor or alto that they have a full, big,round sound. I just cant get that! Is it my yamahas? Or me? What should I do to get a bigger sound? Is it something that happens as the instrument warms up? Are some instruments built to be louder down there?

    I play Garklein through Basset Recorders. My main instrument is saxophone, secondary flute.


    Some models have strong low notes, some have easy high notes. We probably can’t have both. That said, I wouldn’t call the lowest notes on my Yamahas ‘weak’. My 300 series alto has a poor B natural, but the lower notes are fine, perhaps a little quiet, although still full and warm. But ‘the higher the pitch the louder the dynamic’ is basic physics for a recorder. I get the most out of the low notes by breathing warm, slow air (think dahhhh, rather than doooo) and maintaining breath support.

    Descant and treble recorders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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