Why does my Yamaha 302 squeal easier than my 24b on the low notes?

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    Kandi Klover

    I’ve been practicing on the Yamaha YRS-24B the past few months and have gotten down controlling my breath to avoid squeals on the lower notes and got myself the 302s Soprano with the curved windway in preparation for Christmas and I’m having a hard time hitting the low E and D cleanly on it (my F# also buzzes a little). With the yrs24 I can get it by softly breathing but with the 302 it’s kind of hard because it doesn’t sound clean unless I barely breath but then the note comes out kind of quiet.

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    Hi Kandi

    There are several possible problems with these tricky low notes.

    Fingers – make sure all your fingers really are fully covering the holes.

    Breath and tonguing – both need to be gentle, so imagine making a daaah sound, rather than tooo. Sometimes you need to just breathe without tonguing at all.

    Instrument – clean and dry (warm it up before playing, check inside for lost cleaning stick!). Make sure all the joints are fully pushed together.

    Sarah Jeffrey on Youtube has a good video on how to hit the low notes.

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    Descant and treble recorders.

    Kevin Pfeiffer

    Seems like a breath control issue, but could also be a poor instrument.

    But there are many critical aspects here, particularly if you do not already have a music background. For example, you need to be aware of the phrasing and accordingly the continous flow of air needed to achieve this. As with the breath control needed for the lowest tones, this is a fundamental aspect of playing the recorder. If possible, a few lessons from a good teacher would be very helpful at this stage.

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