Robin Reddocke

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    Jason Cone

    Today I recorded an arrangement of Robin Reddocke, which is a song from William Ballet’s Lute Book from the late 16th century. The sheet music (for guitar/lute) is available on the IMSLP site and is in the public domain. (The recorder parts aren’t included in the sheet music. I added those.)

    Robin Reddocke (SoundCloud)
    Robin Reddocke (Lossless WAV/PCM on Dropbox)

    All instruments played by me. Instruments include:

    • Alto Recorder (Yamaha YRA-402B)
    • Tenor Recorder (Yamaha YRT-304BII)
    • Classical Guitar (Cordoba C9 Parlor)
    • Frame Drum (Roosebeck 14″ mulberry wood with goatskin head)
    Wilson Apolo

    Very nice arrangement, Jason! I’ve played this on the lute before, and it sounds even lovelier with the added instrumentation!

    Jason Cone

    Thank you.

    I’d love to hear this on an actual lute (and I hope to get a lute at some point).

    (After I recorded this I realized I neglected to add any of the trills. I may take another pass it at, down the line. Maybe enlist my daughters to add some violin or viola, as well.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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