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    Wilf Dell

    I’m looking to buy a recorder as a gift for my girlfriend, she used to play when she was younger, and wants to have a go at alto recorder now.
    I’ve seen an old wooden alto that seems like a reasonable price, but it has a chip on the mouthpiece on the lower side of the windway. Obviously that isn’t ideal, but I’m wondering if someone can tell me, if the chip is small enough that you can still blow into it without air leaking at the lower lip, is it possible that that would still play alright, or would that automatically affect the tonality of it? Could it be repaired to a functional level just by filling the chip in with epoxy or similar?

    She’s looking to try out alto recorder after many years of not playing, so it doesn’t need to be a great quality instrument, but I hope one that can make notes that sound ok!

    Sorry if this question sounds a bit confused, or badly worded, I’m not a recorder player myself obviously…


    You may find that the newer plastic models are better than this old alto. Check out the Yamaha one, details are here.

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