Need a review Yamaha yrs 82

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    Jim Rucker

    Hi. My wife is interested in purchasing a recorder,but cannot find any reviews for a Yamaha yrs 82. Does anyone have any opinion on these? Thanks!

    Janice Lee

    There’s not much out there about that one. You might want to ask this question on the Recorder subreddit on Reddit. Here’s a sample of postings after I did a search on Yamaha recorders in general (though there were no search results on the model in question):

    Jim Rucker

    Thanks. I’ll pass this on to her.


    The Recorder Players and Enthusiasts Group on facebook could be another place to ask about this.

    Descant and treble recorders.


    I don’t know the YRS82 specifically, but I do own a couple of Yamaha recorders and they are good instruments – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met a bad instrument made by Yamaha, having tried some of their other woodwinds and also pianos.

    If you have seen any of Sarah Jeffery’s youtube videos you have probably seen her playing her Yamaha tenor which she says somewhere has been one of her favourite instruments that she has played for years.

    Overall, it’s hard to believe you could go far wrong with it. The only slight proviso is that there might be some other recorder that your wife would find physically more comfortable – they all have slightly different hole placements, beak shape, weight distribution, etc, so good to either try a few out in a shop before buying if she can, or buy it from somewhere that would take it back if necessary. But if neither of those options is possible, I don’t think just buying it is a big risk.

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