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    I’m a recent beginner. I’m thinking of buying a Mollenhauer Adris Dream Recorder.

    I wonder about the difference between the plastic and the one with a plastic mouth piece and wooden body?

    My priorities and wishes are to be able to play as long as I want to in different climates without worrying to much about the recorder. And to be able to play/find the different notes fairly easy.

    On my current plastic Yamaha YRA-402B Ecodear Alt I’m struggling with condensation as well with the low tone (F). I find it very sensitive and there is very “little room” to move before it turns sour. However I have never tried any other recorder, so don’t know how much it’s about the recorder and how much it’s about technical skills. (I know about blowing softer.)

    Can I play the wood for several hours?
    How much more sensitive will wood be when played outside or transported in cold climates?
    How often should wood be oiled?
    Will it be less condensation with the wood or will there still be a lot of condensation in the plastic mouth piece?
    Is there “more room” when playing the low tone (or the higher 3, with a half tumb on the back) on a wooden recorder?

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    Richard Hureau

    I think if I were you I’d first try a different plastic recorder. The Ecodear 402B has a notoriously narrow windway (much narrower than the otherwise similar Yamaha 302B), which gives it its characteristic muted sound, but makes clogging happen very easily. I’d recommend trying a 302B or an Aulos 509B (“Symphony”) or Aulos 709B (“Haka”).


    Thanks for your advice, its good to know about the narrow windway of the Ecodear 402B.

    But I want to buy a Soprano (not alto) recorder and choosing between:
    – Soprano recorder Adri´s Dream Recorder 0119 (all plastic)
    – Soprano recorder Adri´s Dream Recorder 1119 (plastic mouthpiece and wooden body)

    Would you still recommend an all plastic?

    Richard Hureau

    Clogging occurs in the WINDWAY (in the mouthpiece), not in the body. The body material has hardly any effect on anything really, so if you want something durable without worrying about it, I’d say go all plastic. The only reason I can think of that they make wooden-body recorders like that Adris model is for cosmetics (how it looks). Some folks feel that a body’s material makes a difference in the sound (I think only very slightly), but especially if both instruments have a plastic head, then I think they would sound very close to each other, and obviously the plastic would be more durable (I mean, you can drive nails with it when you aren’t using it for music! 😉 ).


    Many thanks Richard! You made my choice easy since I’m not concerned about how it looks and prefer instruments that I can drive nails with. 😉

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