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      Hello yall

    I am doing well for the first time in years and believe that becoming someone who plays the recorder will enrich my life. As I paint at home, I often enjoy Baroque music.

    I am decidedly going for a plastic alto. With searching, and considering my budget, the YRA-312b is my choice.

    Playing music will be a fresh experience for me. So please, tell me if something is off with the following thoughts. I am into making art and from that I learned that critique is appreciated over feared.

    I enjoy learning from articles and cannot afford a teacher – reading session 0 on the Dolmetsch site was pleasing and informative. Regarding online resources, recommendations are welcome. Picking up how to read music is an interest.

    The Dolmetsch site’s session 0 lists Alto as treble clef. Does that mean online sheet music that lists “instruments: treble clef” will work well?

    What I Foresee:

    1.) Learn Fundamental Well
    2,3.) Practice Basic Songs
    2,3.) Practice Scales
    4.) Learn some Music Theory
    5.) Approach Beginner Sheet Music

    Regarding my first songs, is there much in the way of practicing Baroque music early on?

    Lastly, I want to learn ‘Misty Mountains’ (Tolkien’s The Hobbit). I am aware that a piece can be made more or less simple. The idea for ‘Misty Mountains’ is to use it as a touch-stone/heuristic/litmus-test that I can scale in complexity over time.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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