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    Maggie Rohan

    Hi, I have just bought a new alto recorder and am breaking it in as per the instructions. I’m now up to playing for 15 minutes. I am also a returning player, I haven’t played alto recorder for decades!
    I have been concentrating just on getting a note to speak and am playing exercises using the notes C to middle F. Every now and again I try to play low F and it’s hard to get it. Particularly if I try to go up the scale and back down, it starts go way off as soon as I play low G then the F just doesn’t come.
    I’m following Sarah on Team Recorder too.
    Any tips please for how to use well the 15 minutes practise time?
    In one week I can go up to half an hour! Can’t wait.
    Thanks in advance

    Kevin Pfeiffer

    What recorder did you buy? Some are more sensitive than others with the lowest notes. So-called “playing in” is much over-rated — more for the player, in most circumstances. So, have at it!

    The two areas of concern with low notes: air stream, finger placement. The low notes require a much slower and very open (“warm”) air stream — as if you are steaming up a mirror.

    The other likely problem is with the fingers. With “all fingers down” it’s very easy to overlook a misplaced finger, i.e. a hole that is not fully closed, particularly in the right hand (index finger, for example). You can check for this by lifting and replacing one finger after another.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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