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Dick Mattson

Hi Larry–
To try to simplify things (even though this may seem extremely complicated), there are at least four types of recorder in modern-day use. I suspect that you have the type that may be called Baroque which has F fingered T123467. Another similar-looking type with simplified fingering is called German which has F fingered T1234. Then there is a type (which looks different from yours) called Ganassi which has F fingered T12346. Finally there are Renaissance recorders (which also look different from yours) which may have a variety of fingerings for F.

An excellent resource resource for recorder fingerings can be found at

An excellent resource on all things recorder may be found at

To answer your question, on a Baroque fingering recorder, T1234 will produce a note that is a microtone between F and F#–in other words, an out of tune F that is on the high side.