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Hi recorderoz, and Kathy Williams Devries ,love the tony eyers trio,that is way cool,just checked it out,thanks for that,and Kathy ,ie last post,would love to have internet jam ,if possible?so I,m writing this because of similar interest,in music,and of both your videos ,Awesome, the only video I have to offer the world is on you tube,under categorie of sport,type in inline kiteboarding ,a board I made for lite wind days,is why it’s there,could come up as first on list ,name George Rasta ,I put the video there for my keen interest in kiteboarding,inline kiteboarding,and the music I play myself,drums homemade bass guitar ,featuring continuos melodica solo.Tamborine ,recorder, flugal horn,rythem guitar,etc,my ability to play is limited and can somewhat read music,so if you check it out and like it or not ?I, would love to be part of a internet recording sessions,regards Firepony.