Reply To: Fun recorder project


I totally ,agree with recorderoz,although for $29,I can,t stop myself,as I love working with wood,ie: recently purchased two moeck tutu altos of eBay one $36, which I love,the other $40.50, didn’t,play low notes, so out came the block and revoiced, love it now,plays the full range easy now,slight differences ,ie easier blowing,less resistance in wind way,and a little louder,but if I stuffed it up ,just buy a piece of cedar and make a new block,thought I can,t loose for $40.50, but I wouldn’t, do it on top quality instrument ,and I don,t own any ,and maybe I would,but wouldn’t muck with the instrument body,but only the block as I can make a new one,as long as when making a new block never force it into recorder head as you can split it,as long as it fits snugly without much pressure then ok, and if any small holes you can fill them with bee wax,Google flute-a-Bec has a lot of great advice,as well as a keen interest in wood work and patience ,it’s a lot of fun,but I,d definately not do it on a favoured or expensive flute ,without confidence ,and a keen interest ,and knowledge in woodworking,and self responsibility,and acceptance that it might not work,regards firepony.