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Ken In Dallas

You could not pry my Plumwood alto from my cold dead hand! I played and heard the difference in sound between the Plum and Pear. The Plum won hands down. I LOVE mine! I’ve had the alto over a year now and am about to buy a Plumwood tenor as well. Also (here in the States) people consider Baroque-style recorders a children’s instrument at first glance. The Renaissance shape of the Dream instruments seems to say ‘flute’ and therefore that I’m playing music on a ‘real’ instrument. Silly people.

Just don’t give up. People are asking silly high prices for used Plumwood Dreams if there are any on the market. I tell other players here to look at the difference between Plum and Pear prices. That bit more is not enough to stop a serious player from going for the Plum.