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I said I’d update. The Renaissance Recorder (Treble version) arrived this morning. It’s a delight. A lot of it is easily within my grasp and I’m currently working at Grade 1. There’s a lot of Susato, some Playford, Diego Ortiz and the old favourite – anon. Some pieces look a lot more challenging than my current state. Quite happy to list more if anyone wants to know more but I’m very pleased with my new book.

I also bought Robin Milford’s Christmas Pastoral. It’s a very short piece. I happily sight read it this morning only stumped by G# and Aflat because I don’t know the fingering for them. Jacqui mentioned this piece too. A first play through has put it on the list for next week when our Christmas starts. I’d recommend too. My husband has taken the piano part away to see if it’s something he might want to play.