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> I’m impressed with the transposing on the hoof.

If only! I type it into a lilypond file (not as onerous as it sounds as I have templates for most things so it’s just a question of entering the notes), check that what I have is correct, then use lilypond to do the transposition. Hence the longer the piece, the more time it takes to do this, but then the longer I spend learning it so the overhead is not so great. A certain palindromic user of a different forum suggested that MuseScore might be an easier way to do this, I suppose it all depends on what you are used to. Why not give one or other (or any other option) a go and try transposing some of the pieces out of the soprano vols of the Schott anthologies for alto? I would agree that doing so is a pain but, on the other hand, it potentially doubles the available repertoire.

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