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@Maizie – It sounds like a lot of fun, I’ve said before that I have the Bravo Bonsor recording and the recorder orchestra there sounds like it was full of people playing for the sheer joy. I can never come away from that recording without a huge smile on my face.

Re the treble (alto) renaissance book, I think I’ll have to succumb to it. I’m still struggling to find suitable easy repertoire of a sufficient mix. I wish the Schott treble anthology started at a lower level but it assumes that players have already done a few years of descant before ‘progressing’ to treble. I can manage odds and ends there but I soon need more notes than I have at present. I have Tunes for Fun which is folk and traditional and is quite useful but I’d like some more simple Baroque and Renaissance etc etc. The other issue I have apart from difficulty with bottom F is that the collie we live with likes to singalong to the treble. When dogs howl together they’ll typically choose a note to contrast with the one already sounding so the effect is quite avant-garde. My husband is seriously impressed how I can play through her renditions. She has an astonishing range. I’m sure I’m developing a useful skill. Not sure that the exam boards would allow it to constitute a duet though…

– I’m impressed with the transposing on the hoof. And wonky you could never be!