Reply To: Help choosing please!

Janice Lee

What kind of consort are you playing in? It will determine whether you want a Renaissance or Baroque recorder. Are you doing more solo work? In that case a Baroque or modern recorder in one of the harder woods like grenadilla and ebony will carry sound further. But those woods can be a little loud for consort playing.

Boxwood and rosewood have a nice tone, with rosewood being a little reedier. I’ve been happy with the tone quality on all of the Moeck Rottenburgh recorders I’ve played. I also have a Mollenhauer Denner rosewood that’s nice. A woman in one of my groups has a Kung alto in olive that she’s very happy with. Don’t have much experience with Dolmetsch.

I have a Moeck Tuju maple from the early ’80s, when I first started playing. The sound quality is fine, but the more expensive woods sound better.

I hope you’ll let us know what you end up getting.