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Ken In Dallas

I beg to differ with you. The current Canta line is a new design and quite a marvel. The quality of sound as I understand it is a vast improvement over what has been held over the years to be acceptable in an ‘entry level’ or student recorder. There are in the industry two schools of thought that I’ve seen. One offers least resistance in the windway while being loud and clear. The other – like the Yamaha plastics – offer higher blowing resistance giving longer phrasing potential and supposedly a more responsive musicality. Frankly, I prefer the latter if it’s not extreme. I teach my students musicality as well as ‘the notes’ right from the beginning. The reed sound I’ve been told is a fipple issue with tighter windways that seems to be common in Mollenhauers. While I don’t like a note or three standing out, I can control it to a good degree by being an experienced player. A beginner may not be able to do the same. There are also many people who consider the occasional reedy sound unobjectionable and part of what a recorder should sound like. Glass half full; glass half empty. But our “Anonymous” friend owns a marvel of manufacturing and the ‘State of the Art’ in entry-level recorders. That is not a Honer. The World is buying one hell of a lot of Mollie Cantas.