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Hello Tony,
We seem to have an ‘interloper’ here who is registered as ‘Stela Benteley’.

On December 2, 2020 at 8:29 pm, Stela chose to post in the thread “A=415 Hz mandatory for Baroque?” a whole lot of word-salad regarding optics for birding. While I’m sure in some circles this may be interesting or valuable, I don’t see the relevance to anything regarding the recorder. Her post number is #1262.

I’m not sure what happens next here, but in the other forums I belong to, she’d be given the bums rush.

Just thought you may like to know.


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Mainly French & English baroque repertoire on an A403 Bressan, and an A415 DeBey. Recorder enthusiast since 1971. Early Music program at York University, French baroque instruction at Royal Conservatory in Toronto.