Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Luca Luigi Aschieri

Replaing to Ken and Jonathan:
When I bought my Kung studio tenor I was to Resonanzen Early Music Festival in Wien. I tried a lot of different recorders and tenor recorders from artigianal and “industrial” makers and I was looking for a loud tenor easy to play also in irish music.
Kung studio tenor was best choice because very loud, in comparison with others, very easy to play and also quite cheap.
I tried different woods of Kung studio tenor but there was no big difference (as new instrument) and all recorders were quite windy in the sound. The least windy was the one I bought. Cherry tree wood was not good in that case and also maple. But also an other pear wood was more windy.
It depends more on the single instrument than the wood.
The problem is also that industrial instruments are “new”, not oiled and my impression is that sound can change a lot with oiling and plaing for some weeks.
For exsample I tried different woods of new Moeck and Mollenhauer sopranos and the difference seems really difficult to notice. My one seem a lot better but it is not new.
Artigianal recorders usually are better but in my opinion only with Ganassi you need handicraft production.