Reply To: New Recorder

Ken In Dallas

I’ve never read a maintenance instruction from a recorder maker that said “Sweet” Almond Oil. I’m thinking you want to use “Pure” Almond Oil. Also Almond Oil is said to be lighter than the other recommended oil – Linseed Oil. The French maker Bolton recommends once a month with Almond Oil or once every three months with Linseed.

By the way, Linseed Oil on cloth or paper towel is COMBUSTIBLE and has burned down many a house. I don’t know anything about Almond Oil combustibility. I use a small strip of cloth for oiling that I then take outside and place on the ground till dry.

Linseed Oil comes as “Boiled” Linseed Oil from the hardware store. ‘Boiled’ has additives to make it dry overnight. I always us “Cold Pressed” Linseed from the Artist’s supply store with no additives. It can take a week to dry; but having used both in Lutherie, I find ‘boiled’ to have greater ‘build-up’ as a coating. I fear that build-up might eventually alter air flow or clogging in some way. Most recorder vendors sell the little over-priced Mollenhauer “recorder oil” bottles of “I-don’t-know-what-kind-a” Linseed Oil. If it’s good enough for Mollenhauer; it’s good enough for me. The little bottle lasts a long time if you’re doing it right. I keep one in my kit. The fire caveat remains though.