Reply To: Replacing Cork inside of recorder

Richard Hureau

I got a private message from Lou Furman saying he was having a hard time finding the info I mentioned. I replied twice but received no response. So, I will make one final try, via a public message. Here it what I said:

Maybe you failed to click the link in the discussion where it says ”Take a look at the documents on this page” where ”this page” is a link to the website. Did you click that link (where it says ”this page”)? I realize that the forum’s link setup makes it very obscure.

Anyway, the link is this (copy and paste this into your browser address bar):

Under ”Practical Documents” you will see:

Maintenance tips
How to clean the windway
Fungus in the windway
Sanitary precautions for recorders in case of epidemics
Condensation in recorders
Recorder joint maintenance
Recorder block adjustment
How to make a block
Tuning adjustments