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    It might have been a ‘dungerdress’ but it was definitely denim. My lessons were straight after work so my teacher knew jeans was me being in my uniform as much as most of the other examinees!
    Now I think about it, where I took exams was one exam centre but there were two physical locations – one a local comprehensive, the other somewhere altogether much swisher. For one exam I had the not-school, I can’t remember what I wore but it wouldn’t have been jeans!


    Dungerdress is good! I have some of those too. I live in jeans now because we’re surrounded by mud, we’re retired and we live with The Collie.

    Re exam rooms – They seem to be quite varied. My G1 was in a church – the acoustics, Maizie were out of this world. I was sent to the ladies for my warm up! But the exam setting was exquisite – the light through the stained glass etc etc. And there was me with my little recorder!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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