Reply To: Is Adler A440 tenor Baroque with NO LEVER

Jason Cone

Hi! Absolutely! High Spirits is considered best by many Native American tribes.

Ok, my Yamaha tenor arrived today. Nice sound, but too difficult for my small hands to play.

I’ll check out High Spirits.

Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with your new tenor. For what it’s worth, when I first started playing a tenor recorder I thought it was too big of a stretch for me, too. You might give it some time: your hands do get used to making those stretches. If you haven’t watched it before you might take a look at Sarah Jeffery’s video on how to stretch the big recorders. She says she has “…really small hands…hand-span of 18cm…can [only] play an octave on the piano…[but] can play [large recorders]…it comes with practice…don’t worry…” Just something to consider.