Reply To: Is Adler A440 tenor Baroque with NO LEVER

Jason Cone

Very cool. My my instrument is guitar, but I also play piano. And as you know, I’m learning to play recorder. My other instruments include tin whistles and low whistles, bodhran, mandolin, and ukulele, and a couple electric bass guitars. My eldest daughter plays viola and piano (she’s currently playing viola with Symphony of North Houston), and my youngest daughter plays violin, so we all play together sometimes.

You’d definitely be able to play a lot of songs with Aeolian mode notes since it’s the relative minor for the key of C major. Your instrument collection sounds very interesting. I’d like to get a lute or theorbo at some point, or maybe a hurdy-gurdy, but I want to get some more proficiency on recorder before I add another instrument. I’ve also been idly considering a Native American flute. I’d like to try a guitarviol, but those are pretty expensive and I hesitate to spend that much without having tried the instrument.