Reply To: Is Adler A440 tenor Baroque with NO LEVER

Kristen V

Hi! Ok — sometime in the future I’ll do some recordings. 😉 (I also have a wonderful 432 9 + bass note steel drum as well as a nylon string and steel string Lyres. The steel drum has wonderful bell tones. It’s called “The Aeolian 10. Made of a specific sort of random combination of notes based on the ancient Aeolian mode. With the bass center note they span at least 3 octaves. And the notes are not even in consecutive order. But Amazingly! I learned where the notes are and can play 10 or 12 Christmas carols, Fur Elise, Greensleeves, The Sound of Music (sounds really fantastic) and others on the steel drum. Amazing what can be played with those basically 9 random notes spanning 3 octaves!)