Reply To: Yamaha v Aulos keyed tenor


Hello! I have a very similar question. I play soprano recorder and want to start on my first tenor recorder.
I have small hands (to give an example, I can reach no more than an octave on the piano) but am avoiding the Robin as I want to learn on a keyed tenor and not grow accustomed to an unconventional model in case I upgrade to a professional tenor, take lessons, join a group, and so on.
Would you most recommend the Yamaha, regular Aulos, or Harmony (West Music) for the best reach? Thanks!

I can’t really say because I have only ever played one tenor-the Aulos Robin, so I have no idea how a keyed tenor compares. Be aware though that some tenors lack the C# key-they only have one key. Best to make sure the one you get has 2 bottom keys.

Thanks for the reminder! The standard Aulos says “Double keys for low C and C#”, so I think it’s good.