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Richard Hureau

Well, somehow my earlier reply has disappeared (after I made a small editing change). Fortunately I have it in the clipboard, so here it is again:

It does come with a “Caring for your resin recorder” sheet. Generally speaking it tells you to leave it alone – do NOT grease the threads, for example. Also, do not remove the block (it will void the 1-year warranty).

I can tell you that the joints on mine go together very smoothly – not too tight, not too loose. So I have never even been tempted to do anything to the thread.

When you get the recorder, you will think that it never clogs, because it doesn’t – at least at first. This is because it has been treated with the anti-condensation fluid that Bernolin sells. You will probably have water run down the front of the recorder, exiting the windway, because the anti-condensation is working that well. But eventually this stops and then about say 3 or 4 weeks later it will start to clog like a regular plastic recorder. Yes, the cedar block does not seem to help the clogging, at least for me.

Concerning the fluid sold by Bernolin, it works AMAZINGLY well, and lasts much longer than cheaper fluids. I bought 2 bottles. I suppose it depends on how much you play the recorder, but in my case (30 minutes/day), it usually lasts about 3-4 WEEKS. Regular detergent fluid treatments last about 2 DAYS. So it is definitely worth it and essentially stops the recorder (any recorder) from clogging.

I think I am prone to clogging problems – it may depend on how much saliva you have in your mouth (some of that clogging is not just from condensation). I have talked with other players online who say they NEVER have clogging problems with the Bernolin, even without the fluid and months of playing. So who know? Anyway, let me know how you like it when you get it.

You might like to watch some of Sarah Jeffery’s YouTube videos on the Bernolin. She has one that’s a review when she just got it, and the other later one is about how she always uses it for travel and also for her ALL videos that talk about alto Baroque playing (before getting it, she used to use a constantly changing group of alto recorders).

Good luck!