Reply To: Distance Between Holes – Plastic Altos

Dee Brougton

Thank you so much! This is especially helpful and, yes, I love Sarah’s videos. I’ve been looking at her hands all morning! Your response will save me buying the Yamaha thinking it might be better. Based on a teacher comment on one of Sarah’s videos, I’m trying holding the recorder slightly angled to the right and that is better. It also seems to put the thumb rest that someone glued on in a better position. I’ve got my eye on that Bernolin in future, but I’m also interested in the Mollenhauer Dreams, Renaissance-based. I have their plastic soprano and like it very much. I was looking for the new G-1A when I found the (probably) 1500. Do you like it better? I saw mixed reviews.

I do play guitar, where beginners constantly think the problem is the guitar when their fingers hurt, so I’m prepared to believe this is just a beginner problem – just didn’t want to hurt my wrist if there are more comfortable recorders out there. Thank you, again, for the very helpful reply.

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