Reply To: Distance Between Holes – Plastic Altos

Richard Hureau

I have a Zen-on 1500, and also a Yamaha Ecodear, an Aulos 509B, Aulos Haka (709B), and the new Zen-0n G-1A (replaces the 1500).

Unfortunately, the 1500 has probably the closest holes of any of these, although they are all VERY similar, except the Aulos Haka, which has very oddly placed holes for the right hand (worse). As far as the Ecodear, the first 2 holes of the right-hand are farther apart than on the 1500; the rest are essentially identical. So it will definitely not fix your problem.

If your right hand is hurting using an alto, I would suggest taking a look at Sarah Jeffery’s YouTube video on how to hold the recorder:

It sounds like you might be flexing your wrist and/or pressing down on the holes too strongly. It’s hard to tell without seeing it, of course. But her video night help.

The only recorder I know of that has easier right-hand hole positions is the Bernolin resin alto:

The only trouble is that they cost 400-475 Euros, which is probably outside your price range since you are just beginning.