Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Jonathan Dodd

An addition to my last post: I have since bought a Kung Superio in plumwood, which is quite simply the best descant I have ever played (I have tried out instruments in a much higher price bracket, I should add). It is modelled after Stanesby jr. so has a wide bore and is incredibly light to hold. It has an astonishing dynamic range without the pitch being affected, and the most beautifully liquid and melodious tone. Great intonation also. Others who have tried it agree with my view. And it is around the same price new as the Moeck Rottenburgh and Mollenhauer Denner models in the less expensive woods. I am converted! So my conclusion is: Moeck or Mollenhauer? They’re both great, but Kung has so much more. No reservations.