Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Carolyn Hanlon

Moeck or Mollenhauer? A good question. I recently bought one of each (used, made them much more affordable.) I had initially played recorder in High School, then in college (started as a music major) played in a chamber orchestra on campus. I sold my first soprano recorder, and bought a new one at the music store all the college music majors used (the college was known for their music program) – it is a Wesner Superior (I still have it.) I also bought a Cambridge alto recorder at that time (1973.) I could find no information on either of these makes, and I was curious if either the Moeck or Mollenhauer would be better since I just resumed playing the recorder. They are not (IMHO) better, only different. I agree with Jonathan Dodd (above) that the Mollenhauer feels smaller, but it really isn’t. The Mollenhauer has a “warmer” sound than the Moeck to my ears. BTW, they are two different woods in the instruments, and both different than my original recorder. I also purchased (used) another alto recorder, a Schreiber. It sounds very much like my original Cambridge, and the wood looks like it is the same as the Cambridge. I plan to keep all of my recorders, and just enjoy them for their unique sounds.