Reply To: Best plastic Bass Recorder???

William Young

Dick, again thanks for the response. Measurements between the centers of the 5th and 6th holes: Yamaha 1 1/8″, Aulos 1 7/16. Distance from the floor to the middle of 4th finger: Yamaha 24″, Aulos 26 1/2″. I never considered the latter measurement; thanks for the suggestion. It showed me something about my low notes: I do have a little bit more trouble with the Yamaha’s lower note and the lower hand position for the right hand touching the right leg is the reason. Next question: Did I try your suggestion to remove the bocal from the instrument and blow through the hole: it did help a tiny bit. I did not mention it before but the Aulos will play the F occasionally when cold but never when a bit warmed up. It did that during the test. This generates a question: How frequently do you play that F in the normal course of your playing? One of the books I have is by Dennis Bloodworth and he says that the usefulness of any notes above that F is debatable. From the look of things I will probably never find a recorder group here in Lake Havasu City, AZ so I might stick with the Aulos since I am only playing for my own enjoyment and occasionally for Church where the range will never get above E or E flat and those are very rare in our normal music. On the lower end I rarely play church music below the C above the low F. Essentially, I am playing what is pitched for amateur singers and their limited range. Bill Young