Reply To: Best plastic Bass Recorder???

William Young

I started this subject because I wanted advice on best Basset plastic recorders. I sold my Mollenhauer wood alto for enough to help me purchase an Aulos Basset with a bocal. Here is the results of comparing it against my Yamaha Basset. First, some of the following should be understood that I started with the Yamaha. I am not “double jointed” so widening the separations between my 5th and 6th keys has been a struggle. This problem made transitioning to the Aulos very difficult at first. I still have trouble at times. The conclusion is that the Yamaha is more comfortable given my hand situation. There is another problem: the Aulos weighs 1/2 pound more than the Yamaha. So that extra weight takes it toll as the practice session progresses. Third comparison: For all the time I have put in on the Aulos I still have not been able to make a high F sound without slurring to it from E or E flat just below. So given all the difficulties I (remember a beginner) have with the Aulos, how could I recommend it in any way? Well, the sound right from the beginning was more throaty and beautiful than that produced by the Yamaha. It is also a more consistently beautiful sound throughout its range. The Yamaha is easier to play but not as beautiful sounding.
I hope this critique is of some help to someone out there. Furthermore, any suggestions on how to make that F sound without slurring to it would be appreciated.
One more thing: I purchased a saxophone style neck strap for the Aulos early on that has more cushioning built into it. That has been a lot better than the strap supplied by Aulos. Thanks in advance for any help sent. William Young