Reply To: Best plastic Bass Recorder???

William Young

Dick, Again, thanks for the suggestions. One thing, I did not buy the Denner from Bill Lazar, I was lucky enough to trip over it at an estate sale in near new condition. After due consideration, I am going to follow your suggestion #6 and stay with the plastic recorders. I have spent a lot of time on the internet and have discovered that there are, as far as I can see only three plastic bass recorders available at this time: one by Yamaha and two by Aulos. One of the Aulos has a crook or bocal and the other a bent head similar to the Yamaha. My purpose in starting this particular thread was based on the premise (mistaken) that there might be quite a few makes out there. However, between the two of us we have provided a lot of information that might be helpful to others as you stated above. After deciding on staying with plastic I ordered an Aulos with a bocal to complement my bent necked Yamaha.
I have been away from this for about 1/2 hour. Someone I know just sent me a reference to another plastic bass. I looked it up. It’s a Thomann at about $130 including shipping from Germany. It doesn’t appear to be something I would want.
If anyone on this Forum ever hears of a plastic Great Bass I would certainly love to hear about it. That said I cannot conceive of any one going to the trouble of manufacturing one due to the startup costs as well as very few potential customers.
I talked about the healthy aspects of the breathing part of playing a recorder in my second post and you seconded the idea. Let me also mention that I think that making music also contributes to health and happiness. I believe that music is an inherent part of being human. It helps the health of everyone (in varying quantities) whether you are just listening or are playing it. As far as I am concerned the recorder is the best way to get the benefits. Bill