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Dick Mattson

As to whether I know if ASW “improved” recorders really make a difference or not–well I really don’t know. I have read opposing viewpoints on-line in the past. While I don’t recall where I read them (probably in some chat room or other), the “nay” comments were probably based on the opinion that plastic machine-made recorders are likely so similar that they don’t need a personal touch to make them play well–while the “yea” comments were probably based on the opinion that there can be slight differences from instrument to instrument even if they are supposedly identical. The only way to tell whether the improvement process really has any impact is to purchase a number of each type of Zen-On and compare them. However, since this would entail spending a significant amount of money in order to prove something true or false, nobody on this or any other chat board is going to do that unless they are the dealer who is explaining their position and pricing structure (something that ASW has already done on their website). Thus, any answer to your question would be similar to mine earlier. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that, since I don’t have a horse in this race, you can’t go wrong spending your hundred smackers and getting both the Encoder from Bill Lazar and the Zen-On from ASW. Both are honorable dealers. If your doubt continues and climbs up your back and bites you in the wallet in the middle of the night, then get the Ecodear from Bill. 🙂