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Dick Mattson

Hi Matteo–

Thank you for telling me (all of us) about yourself. Now, something about me. I came to the recorder when I was young and received one as a Christmas present, but I didn’t take it seriously until I was about 15 or so–and that was only for a short time. At that time I played (and seriously studied) the cello which I then played and taught professionally as an adult. When I was young (before I went to university), I also played the saxophone, oboe, euphonium, and tuba in my school bands. I allowed the recorder to lapse when I devoted myself to the cello. Now that I am retired, I am again playing the recorder seriously. However, since I could already read music proficiently and understood music theory very well, I used very few method books when I came back to the recorder. I discovered that the finger patterns I had developed playing the saxophone and oboe were skills that I remembered these many years later. Instead of formal method books, I have built a library of recorder solos, duets, trios, and quartets that I practice and play with a group of friends. As far as practicing technique is concerned, I can make little exercises from various hard parts in the music that I am practicing. I find that this works somewhat better for me than method books. This is not to say that method books, scales, arpeggios, and etudes are not important and useful–I certainly played my share of them as a cello student (and cello teacher). Now that I am playing the recorder, I find that I can create my own exercises and drills using what I learned as a cellist just as well (I hope) as relying on somebody else to write them for me. Because of my past experience, this is what works well for me. However, since I think that you are still a student, I do recommend that you use the method books that have been recommended to you as part of your practicing. Maybe somebody else can recommend others. Yes, I am passionate about music. I see that you are too. Keep it up, and all the best.