Reply To: Loose Block: What To Do?

Mae Dickson

For future reference, there is a more local dealer if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s his website (he’s in Mountain View, and worth checking out):

I happened upon this forum just now looking for something else, so I just joined!. Good luck on getting your recorder fixed, though, to be honest, they should not have sent it to you like that. Bill Lazar, the owner of above shop, once told me that he stopped carrying certain lines at times because of the company’s shipping practices, which caused harm to the instruments. So, sometimes instruments do get shipped to the states in poor condition. I just took a risk on a vintage bass recorder from eBay, mostly because it’s a Roessler, which have been bought out by Mollenhauer, and I collect them. Cost me less than any one of the nicer sopranos I own. So we’ll see if this works out. I don’t own a bass recorder yet, so this came along at a good time. I’ll have to get it into condition before breaking it in again. *crosses fingers*