Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Luca Luigi Aschieri

About a recorder for irish-medioeval music John Everingham ( answerd me…
“I think the Moeck Rottenburgh descants are a bad choice for folk and early music.

My suggestion is a Mollenhauer ‘Dream’, perhaps one made of a hard wood, not pear. I can understand that you are uncertain about the tone quality but I think that a different tone is the whole point of moving away from a high baroque model. You would get used to it.

The Dream will also do for loud early music, and looks the part. For soft early music a Kobliczek ‘Praetorius’ may be a better bet.

The Kynseker models (either Moeck or Mollenhauer, in plum which is so much nicer than maple or pear) fall between the two extremes. Not loud, but with a slightly reedy, intimate and resonant sound.

I have no experience of the current Moeck Renaissance range (very costly). I don’t care much for the earlier version and the first version is, I think, rather disappointing.

If you can find one, a Kung ‘Classica’ descant in a hard wood (bubinga, palisander etc.) would suit your folk music. This is the recorder that Aulos copied for their first (flat bottomed) 205 model which is still a very good instrument to play in folk sessions. (Look for one at a car boot sale or in a charity shop!)”
Getting a Ganassi for use in a band would probably be a mistake. The usual repertoire for such a recorder is early Venetian and possibly Jacob van Eyck. There are also fingering and compass issues to cope with.