Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Luca Luigi Aschieri
I am testing out a Mollenhauer Dream soprano in pearwood and a Mollenhauer Dream Edition in plumwood. The instrument in plumwood is gorgeous and the pearwood one is pretty good considering it’s not that expensive. The Dream models have a wider bore, similar to Renaissance instruments. They have a different character from the baroque instruments. With these instruments I see a bigger difference between pearwood and plumwood than between the Moeck pearwood and olive wood. The plumwood instrument is superior to the pearwood in my opinion. Maybe someone else can comment on the Mollenhauer Denner.

I would like to buy a louder soprano recorder to play irish-medioeval musik with some friends:
we could play outside and without amplification.
Is the Mollenhauer dream in plumwood a good choice? It can be better a Kynseker or a renaissance… or other models?