Reply To: Aulos 211 Tenor

Red Hoplite

Well It takes practise that’s for sure. T was quite a stretch for my hands too at first but fingers get used to it and have a memory of their own. Now they just sit nicely automatically. Should have got the alto? Well each one has its beauties….as Recorder players if we mean to play alot of written music ( which is what I aim for) we tend to get them all to be honest…at least the main 3 I got ( descant, treble and tenor) I do plan to get the sopranino and gurklein too one day and then I’m moving on to wooden slowly.
But yes as far as size goes the yamahah I’ve see. With the button is longer.
But honestly just practise and the fingers do stretch. I used to find the tenor felt like it was slipping down too but that’s seems to have gone also. Enjoy!

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