Reply To: Loose Block: What To Do?

Red Hoplite

I’m an amateur myself and have just got my first wooden recorder by molenhauer too.
I myself would not worry. A expensive wooden instrument will not guarantee less problems but more I think. It will need more care, cleaning, oiling, reconditioning, wear on the thumb hole and yes servicing and revoicing. I think none of these issues would happen as much or at all on a plastic recorder.
Having had 3 plastic Aulos recorders for a year I did not go into this expecting g it to be easier. But it will sound better!
So it may sound or look nasty but it’s probably very easy to fix or might swell and fit tight naturally as you break it in.
By the way since you are still breaking them in I suspect they are new. if they are newly bought and I expect you have a receipt then why not send it to molenhauer for repair? They come with a 2 year warranty and it should be free?

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