Reply To: Pan recorder


Most definately,with the alto? which is beautifully made,and the alto,s and some tenors ,where made when or after Fred Morgan joined the company?the shape of the alto reminds me of later flutes made by Fred ,although he may not of turned the barrels ,I,d guess that he probably voiced the instrument as unlike the sopranos it has a distinctly different shape and also a wooden block,prior to Fred from my research,pan made student recorders with plastic blocks,and some time around his joining the company,they expanded down to ,sopranonino and up to altos and tenors,they also made the odd bass ,but not having the facility for key work only a few were made,of the three pan recorders I have ,two sops and an alto,the older sop ,smaller,the d#c# keys oppose each other opposite to every other recorder,and the brand ,pan recorder(only) looks to be stamped on with a ink stamp then varnished over,also the plastic block extends to within a couple of mil to the edge of the mouthpiece,and after 50 yrs there is no cracks,I’d say this one was made by Ade Monsbourge ,the next sop is slightly longer and wider,normal holes,with same turned shape, the plastic block goes no were near the edge of the mouthpiece,but different to the older one, protrudes through the top,the brand appears to be a sticker,with the letter A ,person playing flute,and pan product,made in Australia,Now my favourite flute the alto,has the same sticker,beautiful different,shape,lovely clear focused sound and unlike the sops has a wood block,and unlike the sops has a beveled windway!neither of the sops do.regards Firepony.