Reply To: How to re-attach lose cork on joints


Hi recorderoz, Iv,e recorked many saxes mouthpiece joints with contact, as when I first started on my own saxes I used super glue because I didn,t know any better ,and it set instantly ,and could use straight away ,but having spoke to a local pro woodwind repairer,he told me to use contact, and I,Ve used it ever since,it’s a bit messy to work with,does the job great,and is easy to remove,but if your trying to stick down a old cork without replacing it ,i,d recommend making sure it’s properly dry,and with a small tool I,d ,like a blunt tooth pick, i,d push some contact under cork,clean up any mess with some,cloth or tissue and then,wrap the join firmly,with something non sticky like a strip of shopping bag,clean up any excess glue that has oozed out and leave for at least 24hrs,regards Firepony.