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When I stopped the descant – I was around 3/4 with forays into 5 I think. My sight reading is pretty good. Or was. But the treble I started a few months ago, at Grade 0 and it’s zooming along. I find it much easier to play than descant. The top notes are much, much easier. They don’t require whizzing air through to hit them. Top C on the descant can be really awkward though D is a lot easier irritatingly. And it balances better. My husband has been seriously impressed. In fact, even I’m impressed. As you say, why is that the treble picks up from Grade 6. Am I soon to find something that’s really hard about treble that I haven’t found yet?

Re the grades – and with the recorder certain notes are harder or easier given different recorders. It’s not exactly an exact science.

As an aside, I’ve been reading about vibrato and thought I’d give it a whirl!