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I know there was some discussion about this recently, somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where so looked the book up on the publisher’s website to see if it was the same content as the treble book. Unfortunately it isn’t: it follows the common but annoying practice of allocating easier material to the soprano instrument. I’m working my way slowly through the Schott Renaissance Anthology series, and it does the same thing: vols 1 and 2 for C instrument, vols 3 and 4 for F instrument. I’m doing the same as you and playing all of it on the tenor, but it’s a real pain because I have to transpose everything into C first (not on the fly, via software). Schott make lots of their material available via PDF download, so it’s a pity they don’t offer either version. Grumble grumble!

Talking of Schott, it’s nice that they retained the Boosey & Hawkes name. What a great name – Mr Boosey.