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I too wish he’d make a plastic tenor – as small as possible!

Perhaps you should write to him – presumably the more people who request something, the more likely he is to do it. Last time I looked at his website I think (from memory, it was a good while ago) that he got more reviews for his resin flutes than for the recorders, but either I’m wrong or he’s culled the reviews a bit or things have turned around, because there are now far more for the recorders. 50 or thereabouts for the soprano, but over 200 for the alto, so you might think the investment in producing a tenor would be worth his while.

I don’t mind how small or large but would prefer keyless. It looks like all his wooden recorders are keyless – they are mostly altos but there are 2 keyless tenors and 2 voice flutes. I like all my tenors and I think the plastic Yamaha is great, but the keys do feel a bit plasticky and fragile and I don’t like the brown and ivory colour scheme all that much as it makes it look very plastic. Overall, it doesn’t feel like one is playing a luxurious instrument. A really nicely made resin (plastic!) tenor that was good to play but didn’t suffer from the problems of being a wooden instrument would be a great thing to have.