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Edward Plumer

In terms of sonority and intonation, the Bernolin is a definite upgrade from my collection of top-end plastic recorders: zenon, yamaha, aulos.

The top notes like C# and F# take more precision to speak cleanly. My ZenOn is particularly easy on the high notes but crummy on the lowest G and F. Bernolin is closer to Yamaha in this regard.

Treated cedar block and LM77 secret sauce are working well to keep condensation out of the windway … but of course, it still condenses in the main bore and needs swabbing evey 30min. Heavy moisture in the head or around the thumb hole make top notes not speak. Overall, condensation is better managed than with the plastics. I am trying the LM77 on plastics to see if that lasts longer than Dupenol.

I am particularly impressed with intonation. I can use more consistent breath pressure to play in tune. Though the top E and F are proving harder for me to hit and not go sharp.

Another odd thing is the mouthpiece. The underside is convex, mirroring the top surface somewhat. So the cross-section of the mouthpiece is more oval than D-Shaped. I am finding that the recorder “rolls” along its long axis more than I expect and I am wondering if it is because my lips can’t be used to keep the instrument as steady. Anyone else experienced this?

If I take up the soprano again, I will definitely be looking at the Bernolin.