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For the Christmas season, I got a copy of Aldo Bova’s small compilation of “50 Christmas Carols” (alto version). I found the link on Aldo’s Youtube channel. Nice collection of instrumental carol snippets taken over a mix of centuries and countries. In playing through these, I learned that the melody I grew up with in the USA for “Away in a Manager” is completely different from that played elsewhere. I actually prefer the “Cradle Song” melody as given in this compilation.

Otherwise, my current practice pieces are HWV-362, HWV-369, and TWV-41:F2. Santa came early and brought me a Bernolin resin alto 442, so I am loving the richer sound and better overall intonation, especially in the first octave.

I shall look up the 50 carols! I need more Christmassy things for the treble.

Do tell about the Bernolin.I have the descant. If I thought my hands could stretch to the treble I’d have one in a moment!